Connection; Human + Plants.  An Interview with Angela Marie L'Heureux from Tofino Soap Company.

Connection; Human + Plants. An Interview with Angela Marie L'Heureux from Tofino Soap Company.

I am so excited to share with you our interview with Angela Marie L'Heureux. Angela owns and operates Tofino Soap Company out of Tofino, a beach district tucked away on the West Coast of British Colombia Canada. Their handcrafted home and body products are all-natural. Most days Angela can be found out in the forest foraging for ingredients for her products. You can find her products here and follow her here.



Tell us who you are and what keeps you busy?

Hi, I'm Angela and most days what keeps me busy is a mix of working on the everyday operations of running our small artisan based business (I call this " the rolling to-do list") , playing in my "work in progress garden" , exploring the rainforests or beaches and gathering inspiration.


What are you passionate about and how did you find this passion?

What really ignites my interest is all that we are as living beings, The Human Condition.

The connection we have to plants/Ethno Botany.. the folklore, the history, the medicines.. It's a passion that always has been a part of me, as a child I always had so many questions about everything, I still do. insatiable.


What was your biggest challenge starting your business? And how did you overcome this challenge? 

The most challenging thing at the very start of my business was overcoming that feeling of vulnerability one has when creating something and putting it out into the world. Oh the fear we have of our creations being judged or the thoughts of "what if it isn't good enough.." 


You care about the environment, list three tips/advice you would give to someone who is just starting their journey to being more sustainable.

 Do the best you can. It is not about perfection. small attainable changes are the most successful way to start the journey to living a more sustainable lifestyle and it makes it more encouraging if you chose things that are easier alternatives initially. one of the easier swaps is going without single-use plastics (so many awesome options available these days).


How do you practice self-love?

It's a simple daily routine of space carved out just for me, I use that time for whatever feels best that day, some days it's simply sitting in silence watching the birds while sipping a hot cappuccino, some days it's a spa treatment.


Do you use or have you used affirmations in your life? If yes, how has it benefited your life? 

I think we all use affirmations in our daily life whether it is to encourage someone we care for or to motivate ourselves. sometimes i will write little affirmations down according to my dreams or current goals as a reminder and an independent source of support.


Do you meditate? If so describe your mediation ritual.

Meditation for me is random timing and more of a beach or forest walk type activity to clear the mind. very rarely do I engage in a seated or guided meditation although it might be something I will one day get back into. it's on the "rolling to-do list" Ha!


List the top three must-read books.

  • The Spirit Level by Richard Wilkinson
  • Fatu Hiva by Thor Heyerdahl
  • Gifts Of Unknown Things by Lyall Watson

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