I know exactly what I am supposed to do.

I know exactly what I am supposed to do.

You may be thinking, but DO I REALLY KNOW what I am supposed to do? Maybe you have no direction or idea. But that is why you are here. 

First of all, I'm super proud of you for being here! Learning about self love is an important first step towards self love. Look at you go, already killing it in 2019! Know that I understand where you are. I also believe in your ability to achieve ALL that you want to do!

"I know exactly what I am supposed to do". While it might sound like you should have a life plan in place to use this affirmation, it's really quite the opposite. It implies that you have faith in yourself and the universe bringing you what you need at the right time. It's about Surrendering to life's ebbs and flows, and knowing that you are more than capable to listen for (and hear) the answers. 

Surrender. It is such a vulnerable word, isn't it? But there is SO much beauty and peace in it. To surrender is to let go of some of the control of life's happenings, and enjoy the journey. (We are not really in control anyway, are we?) To surrender is to flow with the river, instead of swimming against the current, listening to your intuition and letting yourself drift carefully into the unknown. To surrender is to look and feel and listen to where life is taking you, without trying to control and analyze every step. Surrender is not to question WHY something is happening, but simply let go and observe that it has happened, knowing that the Universe is ALWAYS working for you in your best interest. Surrender makes room for clarity. Clarity can show you that giving up something in your life that no longer serves you or brings joy, may be sad, but only leaves room to RECEIVE things or people that are better for us. 

How do I surrender? Take a deep breath and say, (then FEEL) the following affirmations:
Everything is always working out for me.
I focus on things that are within my control.
I am already the person I was meant to become.
When I give up trying to understand why, I become comfortable with not knowing.
When I accept what troubles I’ve been given without resistance, solutions flow easily to me.
I am enough.

Sit with these affirmations each day. Then listen, and observe what happens in your life. Lastly, know that the universe has an amazing plan for you!

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