Q+A With Mae - How and why should I be intentional with my thoughts?

Q+A With Mae - How and why should I be intentional with my thoughts?


QUESTION: How and why should I be intentional with my thoughts? Why not just let myself think whatever comes to mind?  


ANSWER: Being intentional with your thoughts allows you to choose your internal landscape, which is then reflected in your external environment. Choosing to think thoughts that feel good, reflect love, and convey appreciation will not only make your day immediately better, it will begin to transform your life in ways that will leave you in awe. You are intentional by choosing the thoughts you want to think based on your desired outcome, and holding that thought in your mind until it becomes dominant. Repetition and visualization is key.

Imagine you are franticly rushing out the door. You’re running late for a doctor’s appointment, and you are stuck behind a slow moving vehicle. Chances are, you’re probably thinking something like this: “GO, GO, GO! Why are you moving so slow!? Of course, it’s just my luck to get stuck behind this #!@?*# garbage truck! You feel your heart racing, your palms are sweaty. You are speeding down the road and it seems like you get stuck at every single stoplight….again, just your luck, right?! As natural as it is to automatically have thoughts that put you in a negative vibration, YOU HAVE A CHOICE.

It is actually quite possible for you to stop, breathe, and think to yourself  “What is the Universe trying to teach me?” Listen to the impulses you may have and become aware of the answer your intuition reveals. Maybe this particular situation is giving you the gift of learning patience on a deeper level, or to gain more clarity about why you regularly put yourself in situations that are uncomfortable, like regularly running late. 

You could use that rushed drive time to practice allowing space for uncomfortable emotional or physical sensations. You could practice intentionally relaxing each part of your body, like an awake and alert meditation.

Either way, my point is that you have a CHOICE in what thoughts you decide get to live in your brain, your beloved neighborhood between your ears. Thoughts are like neighbors…would you choose to have pleasant neighbors? Or nagging, noisy, and pushy neighbors? The choice is yours when it comes to your thoughts. You are in total control.

Try it out and let me know how it goes, I would love to hear!


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