Q&A with Mae - How Do I Create Lasting Change?

Q&A with Mae - How Do I Create Lasting Change?

QUESTION: I know that creating the life you want doesn’t happen overnight and making lasting changes can be hard and take a long time. What can you suggest I do to create a lifestyle that is supportive of the positive changes I want to make?


ANSWER: Sooooo, creating the life you want can totally happen overnight (ok, ok, spare me the eye-roll, keep reading). Maybe not “I want to run the New York Marathon!” or “I want to earn 100K!” because clearly, those things take dedicated effort over a reasonable period of time in order to manifest into your real life experience. However, take small steps towards your goals, and you can immediately feel closer to living the life you want and having the things/circumstances you desire.

For example, if you want a less cluttered life with more simplicity, you can take action today that will move you towards that actually being your reality. Take an hour and clean out your closet, removing anything that you no longer love, or clean out the drawers in your bathroom (c’mon, you know you’ve got tons of beauty products you haven’t used since 2015, right?). Or, if you want to move towards feeling more flexible and strong, get on the floor and stretch. Do lunges around your living room.

It sounds so simple, and it can be, but we love to come up with excuses why we don’t have time, or can’t do something because of blah…blah…blah! It may seem small, but repeating to yourself I have everything I need to be extremely successful or “I know exactly what I am supposed to do”, and then taking inspired action towards your goals, really does help you move closer to your desired life NOW.

You can make changes that are moving you one step closer to what you want, right now. You have the power to wake up tomorrow and have moved significantly closer to living the life you want! Yay for YOU!

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