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Q + A With Mae - How do I deliberately change my attitude from a negative one to a positive one, fast?

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Mae Novak, Founder of Yay! Brand, answers some of your most pressing questions in her blog, Q+A with Mae! Keep 'em coming by emailing your questions to If your question is chosen to be featured, you will win a FREE Yay! Brand Journal of your choice! Yay!


Question: Often, I don’t have the time to get as centered as I would like in order to ward off a bad attitude. How do I deliberately change my attitude from a negative one to a positive one, fast?

Answer: I totally understand the feeling of not having a quiet moment to yourself to meditate, reflect, and intentionally change your thoughts from ones that don’t serve you to ones that do. With all the things demanding our media, news, email, kids, being in a rush… can sometimes seem never-ending. 


However, I have a 3-Step Attitude Hack that will help you go from a Negative Nancy


into a Positive Polly


in FIVE minutes or less …seriously, it works. Here goes…

Step 1: Curiosity. That’s right, get curious about how you are feeling. Without judgment or “should-ing” all over yourself, just ask, “What is making me feel this way?” Are you tired, not feeling well, or hormonal? Are you procrastinating on a major project or difficult conversation? Are you afraid of something? No right or wrong…just curiosity. Ask yourself as many probing questions as you need until you feel you have discovered the WHY.

Once you know why you are feeling negative…

Step 2: Give the emotion or physical pain attention by listening to what it has to say. That’s right, shut ya mouth, and listen. Is your fear saying, “HEY…I’m really terrified about this presentation tomorrow!” or is your sore neck saying, “Ummm, you really need to slow down and relax, you are approaching overload”. Your body will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know, just take the time and respect yourself…just listen. 

Once you’ve heard your inner voice loud and clear…

Step 3: Forgive yourself and allow yourself to be reminded that YOU LOVE YOU! Tell yourself that you are enough, that you have everything you need to be an astonishing success, and that everything is working out for you. Be kind to yourself. Heck, even give yourself a bear hug! The point is, allow yourself to feel safe, loved, and forgiven.

Seriously, y’all, you can do this in less than five minutes driving to the grocery store, making your morning coffee, or sitting at your desk. 


Get curious,

listen to your body, 

and show yourself some love.


It’s literally.….MAGIC!  


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