Q+A With Mae - How Does Wearing a Shirt That Says 'Self-Respect' Actually Help You?

Q+A With Mae - How Does Wearing a Shirt That Says 'Self-Respect' Actually Help You?

Recently, I did a bit of research regarding Yay! Brand. I asked an online group of businesswomen to head to my website and let me know their thoughts. I wanted their impressions, good or bad, about what they saw. I received some great feedback, very honest, and I appreciated it so much! One question/comment that came up during the research was:


“How does wearing a shirt that says ‘Self Respect’ actually help you have more self-respect? I’m not sold, nope, I don’t buy it.” 


I will admit, when I read this I was a little taken aback. I totally understood the question….it was the comment following the question that surprised me a bit. The “nope” stung like a bee. But after I let it sink in, and my ego had a chance to calm down, I was so grateful for her question AND her comment. She was being brutally honest with her impression, and if it was not clear to her why wearing a shirt that says ‘Self Respect’ has the power to change your mindset, there must be others who feel the same.  

My Best Answer: When you wear a graphic tee, you are living your life on purpose. When you’re getting dressed, your thought process goes something like this: “Hmmm, what to wear….not that….not that….OOHHH! Yes…I’m feeling that tee right now!  I like the way it looks on me, and I’m totally feeling its vibe! ”. No matter what that graphic tee says….if you feel like wearing it…you’re vibing with it’s message. 




Soooo…if you feel like wearing a perfect-fitting white tee that says ‘Self Respect’ on the front, it says something MAJOR about where you are in your emotional wellness journey. It says you’ve got healthy boundaries; that you respect, love, and believe in yourself. Every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror throughout the day, you are reminded of the commitment you made …to respect yourself. It would feel hypocritical to be shitty to someone, or gossip about someone, while wearing a shirt that says ‘Self Respect’, wouldn’t it? It just wouldn’t align with your chosen values that day. It would feel inauthentic and yucky. You would (hopefully) recognize the behavior, change your mind, and think/act in a way that is in alignment with your vibes for the day…Self Respect! 


“Wearing a Yay! Brand ‘Self Respect’ tee is kind of like using bumpers at the bowling ally. It’s an easy way to make sure you stay in the right lane and out of the gutters.”  




So, to answer the question, that is how wearing a shirt that says ‘Self Respect’ (or ‘I Am Enough’ or ‘I Am Love’) has the power to change your mindset. That is how you give yourself a healthy dose of Self Respect throughout the day. Making a declaration of Self Respect holds you to it. It’s one less thing you have to remember do for yourself….all in one super soft, made in the USA, produced by a minority-owned business for a female-owned business, eco-friendly, perfect-fitting graphic tee. 

Get yours here.

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