If you're going to be home - you might as well enjoy it!
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      Nominate your BFF, your sister, your favorite waitress who is suddenly out of a job. ANYONE who could use extra Love + Light right now in the form of $500. We're giving away cash up to $3,000. Yay!Brand is here to help!


      Here’s how you nominate someone to receive $500:

      1. Purchase a candle(s). Each candle purchased receives the ability to nominate one person. So, if you order (1) candle, you nominate (1) person. Order (2) candles, you nominate (2) people, etc.
      2. You will receive a ‘Love + Light’ Giveaway Nomination Submission email after your purchase. Reply to this email with your nomination.
      3. In your email, in 300 words or less, tell us about your nominee by answering the following question: Who do you nominate to receive Yay!Brand’s Love + Light $500 Giveaway and why?


      >>P.S. It’d be cool if you followed us on Instagram (@yaybrandco) too, but this isn’t a requirement. Also, use the hashtag #yayloveandlight when sharing pictures of your candles on Instagram!

      That's it! We're all in this together. Thank you for participating in spreading Love + Light during this difficult time!

            Allow our curated collection of crystal candles to enhance your manifestation work. Each candle is intentionally designed with aromatherapy properties that work in tandem with the healing properties of each raw crystal safely nestled into the top of the candle. These two powerful tools support the affirmation of each candle, allowing you to remain aligned with your intentions with every breath you take.

      The Yay!Brand Crystal Candle Collection is:
      • All-Natural,
      • Vegan,
      • Non-GMO,
      • Free of Plastics and Palm Oil 
      • Handcrafted on Vancouver Island by Tofino Soap Company exclusively for Yay!Brand
            Each candle is in reusable glassware to be repurposed by your imagination after burning-- from a pen jar to vase, drinking glass to crystal holder.
            Our candles are also specifically designed to be used for massage or as a nourishing treatment for dry skin. Allow your candle to melt-down, test temperature to ensure safety, then pour into palms and massage into skin. Patch testing prior to use is recommended. For external use only.

      4 products

      4 products